Prenatal Yoga - Online
February 15 (Saturday) at 11:30 am

Kristin *Manjula*
Class length
45 minutes
Yoga Studio
**I will include a link to our recorded session for free. Given technology cooperates.

This is a class for women in any term of pregnancy. It is an opportunity to connect with your baby, your prenatal experience, and other women. We will work on breathing practices, movements for strengthening the pelvic floor, relieving hip and back tension and pain, and strengthen the upper body. We'll finish with a restorative relaxation meditation. This is an opportunity to slow down, embrace this incredible experience, and honor the body's transformation as well as challenge yourself to continue building strength.

- No yoga experience necessary.

- Pre-registration required.

- Limited to a small group (will schedule more with interest)

- Regular class fees apply - Included in membership, Drop in - $15/person or purchase a 10 pass. *Please sign up early to ensure there is enough attendance to hold the class.
*Contact Kristin with questions at [email protected] or (608) 359-4448

Kristin is a highly experienced and traied yoga instructor and bodywork therapist. She is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy with her first child and is honored to share this practice with other pregnant women.

Sorry - that class has already taken place!