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30 Day Wellness Immersion Package

For the next 30 days, discover what it’s like to truly immerse yourself in wellness at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center. 

This package offers a unique opportunity to explore the various services that are provided right here in one place to address your well being from multiple angles - Movement and exercise, relaxation, nutrition, holistic healthcare, bodywork therapy, and detoxification.

- Kristin and the Breathe team offer classes every day of the week ranging from gentle to vigorous for you to incorporate guided relaxation, breath work, stretching, strengthening, and most importantly - to increase your body awareness and improve your self esteem. Breathe also offers massage therapy and private Sunlighten Infrared Sauna sessions. 
*This package will include all of the following: 
-30 minute consultation and tour with Kristin to help determine your yoga goals and a plan
-30 days of unlimited yoga classes
-Your choice of a 60 minute massage or 2 infrared sauna sessions.

- Sarah Hotchkiss offers wellness coaching that focuses on nutrition, meal planning, and organization. Her goal is to help you create sustainable lifestyle changes by establishing new positive daily habits. Are you chronically tired, sick, and need assistance planning ahead to help your day to day life run more smoothly? 
*This package will include a 30 minute discovery call and a series of 3 sessions to establish attainable goals for success! 

- Dr. Carrie Kaiser is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine with 30 years of experience. She helps people determine the root cause of conditions that are causing symptoms of discomfort and provides clear and effective plans to improve their health holistically.
*This package will include 2 sessions (30 minutes-one hour long) to assess and follow up on one of the following three conditions - diabetes, blood pressure, or heartburn.

To read more about Breathe and each of us, visit www.BreatheYogaPlace.com

Your Investment: 
($724 Value - 25% Savings)

You Receive:
-Yoga Consultation with Kristin
-Unlimited Yoga and Barre Classes
-60 minute massage or 2 Infrared Sauna sessions
-3 Wellness Coaching Sessions with Sarah
-2 Naturopathic Care Sessions with Dr. Carrie

*30 Days begins at time of purchase
*All Services must be rendered in 30 days
*Must schedule all appointments up front
*No refunds, transfers, or extensions
*One time offer per person



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